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  • Product Center - Blower
    Company Profiles
    Technical Characteristics
    Product features
    Application industry
    Operating conditions
    Company Profiles

    Mining local blower is a new generation of low-noise counter rotating axial flow local fan developed by our company in combination with the technical advantages of manufacturing explosion-proof motor and in cooperation with blower experts from Beijing Science and energy research and development center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing University of science and technology.

    Technical Characteristics
    Product series:
    Flow range:
    Static pressure range:
    Voltage level:
    sound level noise than A:
    ≤25 dB
    Maximum static pressure efficiency:
    Product features

    This series of products have the characteristics of excellent aerodynamic performance, high efficiency, low vibration and strong adaptability to working conditions.

    Application industry
    Operating conditions

    Ambient air temperature - 15℃ ~ + 40 ℃, altitude ≤ 1000m.